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Staff and Lay Leaders

Church staff:

  • Pastor – Valencia Norman
  • Mission Worker in Residence – Rev. Dr. E. Obiri Addo
  • Organist and Choir Director – Grigory Smirnov
  • Treasurer –  Karyn Kim
  • Office Manager – Carol Manning
  • Sexton – Rashida Cooper

Elders serve in an administrative and spiritual leadership capacity:

  • Camille Carter         Clerk of Session
  • Kwabea Ako-Addo  Associate Clerk of Session
  • Brian Falconer         President of the Corporation
  • Dale Schuster          Vice President of the Corporation


MANAGEMENT: Administration, Finance, Property  

Brian Falconer (Administration, Chair)

Rhonda Powell (Finance, Chair)


Gertrude Obeng, Worship

Camille Carter, CEYA & Choir

MISSION: Church & Society, Mission, Outreach

Carol Forbes (Mission and  Church & Society, Chair)

Emily Quaye (Outreach & Congregational Life, Chair)

Deacons serve in a pastoral care and spiritual leadership capacity

  • Beatrice Long,
  • Krista Wergeland, 
  • Wayne Seaton – Co-Moderator
  • Cheryl Forbes
  • Nnenna Igbokwe
  • Nnenna Nkouka – Moderator
  • Joseph Quaye
  • Janet McFarlane-Edwards

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